About Sandy Riopel - Foxy Tea®

About Sandy Riopel

Sandy Riopel is the owner of Foxy Teas® and the author of the tea recipes featured on this blog. Her journey began with a dream of opening a physical tea shop where customers could enjoy tea drinks, whether on the go or at leisure, paired with freshly made desserts and bakery items. Founded in 2016, it became a registered trademark in 2017. initially focused on promoting holistic health through diet and detox teas; today, Foxy Teas® offers a diverse range of teas specially curated for tea enthusiasts, including unique tea fusions, tea lattes, boba teas, milk teas, wellness teas and tea smoothies.

Instead of visiting a local tea shop, you can now find recipes and purchase the teas used directly from the website, making it easy to create your own tea cocktails at home at a fraction of the cost. Sign up and save 25% on your first order, with orders shipped the same or next day to ensure you enjoy fresh tea daily. Foxy Teas® also offers gift boxes for all occasions, including housewarming, birthdays, holidays, and more.

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