Total Body

Rotating Plank

For a truly rocking body, you need to do both cardio and strength. But that doesn’t mean you have to separate the two like unruly children. Take your training up a notch by pairing strength moves with cardio drill exercises to help blast fat and build calorie-burning muscle in record time.

How it works: Three to four non-consecutive days a week, do 1 set of each exercise back to back. Repeat the entire circuit up to two more times.

Total Time: up to 30 minutes

You will need: Free weights, Mat

A.Start in a plank position with hands and feet hip-width apart, abs engaged.

B.Pivoting onto sides of feet, turn body to the left, reaching left arm over shoulder, palm facing forward, into a side plank. Hold for 1 count. Return to starting position. Continue, alternating sides each rep.

Sets:2 to 3


Touchdown Jack

A.Stand with feet together, arms by sides. Jump feet out wide, bending knees out over toes, pushing hips behind body, and reaching left hand to the floor (try to tap fingertips to the floor if possible) and right arm behind body.

B.Quickly jump up and return to starting position. Continue, alternating arms each rep.

Sets:2 to 3


Rotating Lunge to Overhead Press

A.Stand with feet slightly wider than hips, holding a dumbbell in right hand. Pivot through feet, turning toes to the right and immediately lowering into a deep lunge, reaching right arm to the floor just outside of right foot.

B.Stand up and rotate body, turning toes to the left and lifting right heel off the floor as right arm bends into chest and then presses dumbbell overhead (arm should be slightly in front of head at the top), abs engaged. Return to starting position.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:10 per side

4-Dot Drill

A.Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms by sides. Imagine there are four dots in arranged in a square shape formation on the floor and you’re standing on the back right dot. Lower into a squat.

B.Immediately jump up and forward, landing on the front right dot (swing arms as needed to help propel body) in squat position. Repeat, landing on the upper left dot. Repeat again, landing on the back left dot. Repeat once more, landing in starting position to complete 1 rep.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:5 in each direction

Side Lunge Triceps Extension

A.Stand with feet together, holding a dumbbell at either end parallel to the floor, and extend arms overhead. Take a wide step to the right, lowering into a side lunge by bending right knee over toes and pushing hips back as arms reach dumbbell to top of right foot.

B.Push off right leg and bring feet together, bending knees slightly, squeezing through inner thighs, and raising arms overhead. Keeping arms close by sides of head, bend elbows to lower the dumbbell behind head. Extend arms straight overhead, then lower to starting position.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:10 per side

Single-Leg Squat Thrust

A.Stand on left leg with right knee bent, foot lifted behind body, arms extended overhead and abs engaged.

B.Keeping right knee bent, squat down, placing hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.

C.Jump left foot back into a plank position (right knee is still bent, foot pointed to the ceiling), abs pulled in tight. Reverse movement to return to starting position.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:5 per side

Sumo Squat Deadlift

A.Stand with feet wider than hips, knees and toes turned out about 45-degrees, holding onto the end of a dumbbell in both hands.

B.Bend knees out over toes and push hips back, lowering into a sumo squat as upper body hinges forward about 45 degrees. Tap the bottom of the dumbbell to the floor. Return to starting position.

Sets:2 to 3


Dolphin Plank Pike

A.Start in a forearm plank position with feet hip-width apart, hands clasped together, and abs drawn in tight.

B.Press down through arms and pike hips up, pushing chest toward thighs (body should resemble an upside-down “V”). Return to starting position.

Sets:2 to 3


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