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Bourbon Barrel Aged, 75% Chocolate


Ritual Chocolate
Bourbon Barrel Aged
Cacao, 75%
Limited Edition Chocolate

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This chocolate is made with a blend of our cacao nibs that are aged in High West Distillery bourbon whiskey barrels for several months. This process provides subtle notes of the charred, white American Oak and light hints of bourbon whiskey. We found that aging the nibs in a fresh whiskey barrel has an interesting effect on the final flavor of the chocolate. This is by no means a whiskey flavored chocolate, but the flavor of the whiskey is detectable. What really stands out is the “mellowing” effect of the oak whiskey barrel. The chocolate tastes a bit “softer around the edges” and has a pleasant aroma and aftertaste. Due to this unique aging process, this chocolate is extremely limited.

Tasting Notes:
Honey Nougat
Oat & Whiskey

Made in United States
Weight: 2.08 oz (58.97 g)

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in


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