About us – Foxy Tea®

About us

FOXY TEA® was formed in 2017 and became a registered trademark in 2018. Proudly serving delicious, vegan, organic teas to help detox and cleanse your body and mind. As an advocate for ayurvedic benefits. Tea is a great way to drink to good health!

About Us

Stay foxy! Bright eyed and bushy tailed, hence “FOXY TEA®” was born. Bringing you the best organic teas from the PNW.  

Our Mission

Our teas were hand-picked, and blended by hand, giving you the best artisan teas from the west coast. Our mission is to offer the best quality teas for the tea drinker in mind. Pinky up! These teas pass the quality taste test!

Our Values

We offer only the best teas that fits the FOXY TEA® standard. So if you don’t see your favorite tea, please contact us! We value your opinion and tastes!